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How to grow a human heart in three (relatively) easy steps

The day is fast approaching when scientists will finally be able to reconstruct a person’s heart from a clump of cells and a simple scaffold. We’re not there yet, but this video will… Continue reading

Building a Liver From Stem Cells

Reporting in the journal Nature, researchers say they have created a functional liver using induced pluripotent stem cells. The team of scientists first created “liver buds” and transplanted those into mice, where the buds… Continue reading

Strange but True: The Largest Organism on Earth Is a Fungus

The blue whale is big, but nowhere near as huge as a sprawling fungus in eastern Oregon Next time you purchase white button mushrooms at the grocery store, just remember, they may be… Continue reading

New Killer Whale Species? Giants May Have Escaped Notice for Years

Rare Breed of Killer Whale May Be New Species. Genetic research done on 50-year-old skeleton of “type D” killer whale. A group of killer whales once thought to be genetic anomalies may in fact… Continue reading

Strange But True : Identical Twins’ Genes Are Not Identical

Identical twins are identical, right? After all, they derive from just one fertilized egg, which contains one set of genetic instructions, or genome, formed from combining the chromosomes of mother and father. But experience… Continue reading

Plants the new Mathematical Masters

Can plants do math? That is the assertion of a new paper published in the journal eLife this week titled “Arabidopsis plants perform arithmetic division to prevent starvation at night.” The plants in question aren’t spitting out numerical… Continue reading

Oldest Genome Sequenced from 700,000 year Old Horse

DNA shines a light back into the past, showing us things that fossils can’t. But how far back can that light extend? Some of the oldest DNA sequences come from mastodonand polar bear fossils about 50,000… Continue reading