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Man catches freaky 200-year-old fish, promptly kills it

A 40-pound shortraker fish, after minding its business for the past two centuries, was recently caught 10 miles off the coast of Alaska by a Seattle fisherman. But just looking at this thing… Continue reading

New Forensic Ivory-Dating Technique

Cold War Radioactivity Can Date Illegal Elephant Ivory New technique may allow countries to track illegal sales. Fallout from long-ago Cold War explosions is now a forensic tool in the very modern war… Continue reading

Fantastic illustrations of airships from the early 20th century

Charles Dellschau was a butcher, but after his retirement in 1899, he became an artist, laboring over intricate collages and illustrations of flying machines. He filled notebooks with gorgeous, multicolored airship designs and… Continue reading

First-of-Its-Kind Tomb Unearthed

Three queens were buried with golden treasures, human sacrifices. It was a stunning discovery: the first unlooted imperial tomb of the Wari, the ancient civilization that built South America‘s earliest empire between 700 and 1000 A.D.… Continue reading

Oldest Genome Sequenced from 700,000 year Old Horse

DNA shines a light back into the past, showing us things that fossils can’t. But how far back can that light extend? Some of the oldest DNA sequences come from mastodonand polar bear fossils about 50,000… Continue reading

500 Million Year Old Weird Creature Fossil Discovered

A team of scientists and palaeontologist’s have unearthed a half a billion old weird fossil in Morocco. The new fossil is a cigar-shaped creature that lived about 520 million years ago. The new… Continue reading