The Physics Behind waterslides

A lot of science goes into providing a safe trip down. The Basics Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how waterslides work, it’s important to get a few terms straight. The start tub is… Continue reading

Voyager 1 Reaches Gateway to the Galaxy

Despite traveling 36 years and 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) from home, the intrepid Voyager 1 spacecraft still has not left the solar neighborhood. But all indications are that it is now crossing a… Continue reading

New Forensic Ivory-Dating Technique

Cold War Radioactivity Can Date Illegal Elephant Ivory New technique may allow countries to track illegal sales. Fallout from long-ago Cold War explosions is now a forensic tool in the very modern war… Continue reading

New Killer Whale Species? Giants May Have Escaped Notice for Years

Rare Breed of Killer Whale May Be New Species. Genetic research done on 50-year-old skeleton of “type D” killer whale. A group of killer whales once thought to be genetic anomalies may in fact… Continue reading

‘Stealth wear’ makes you undetectable

The term ” stealth wear” sounded cool when I first heard it early this year. It refers to clothing and accessories designed to protect the wearer from detection and surveillance. Fast-forward a few… Continue reading

Strange But True : Identical Twins’ Genes Are Not Identical

Identical twins are identical, right? After all, they derive from just one fertilized egg, which contains one set of genetic instructions, or genome, formed from combining the chromosomes of mother and father. But experience… Continue reading

Planets can form and survive in insanely dense star clusters

Could you imagine a view of the night sky that looks like this? It’s a star cluster — a region of space in which as many as 10,000 stars are jam-packed to within a… Continue reading

Proposed ‘deflector shield’ could protect astronauts from radiation

As if Star Trek didn’t already provide enough futuristic inspiration, scientists from the UK are working on an actual deflector shield that could protect astronauts from dangerous levels of radiation. And it would work in a way… Continue reading

Fantastic illustrations of airships from the early 20th century

Charles Dellschau was a butcher, but after his retirement in 1899, he became an artist, laboring over intricate collages and illustrations of flying machines. He filled notebooks with gorgeous, multicolored airship designs and… Continue reading