Plants the new Mathematical Masters

Can plants do math? That is the assertion of a new paper published in the journal eLife this week titled “Arabidopsis plants perform arithmetic division to prevent starvation at night.” The plants in question aren’t spitting out numerical… Continue reading

Strange but True: Superfluid Helium Can Climb Walls

Quantum rivers, waterfalls and fountains you can see with your naked eye. Researchers have known for decades that if you cool liquid helium just a few degrees below its boiling point of –452 degrees Fahrenheit… Continue reading

First-of-Its-Kind Tomb Unearthed

Three queens were buried with golden treasures, human sacrifices. It was a stunning discovery: the first unlooted imperial tomb of the Wari, the ancient civilization that built South America‘s earliest empire between 700 and 1000 A.D.… Continue reading

Oldest Genome Sequenced from 700,000 year Old Horse

DNA shines a light back into the past, showing us things that fossils can’t. But how far back can that light extend? Some of the oldest DNA sequences come from mastodonand polar bear fossils about 50,000… Continue reading

Researchers devise contact lens with built-in LCD

The Centre of Microsystems Technology (CMST), imec‘s associated laboratory at Ghent University (Belgium), announced today it has developed an innovative spherical curved LCD display, which can be embedded in contact lenses. The first… Continue reading

500 Million Year Old Weird Creature Fossil Discovered

A team of scientists and palaeontologist’s have unearthed a half a billion old weird fossil in Morocco. The new fossil is a cigar-shaped creature that lived about 520 million years ago. The new… Continue reading