Man catches freaky 200-year-old fish, promptly kills it

A 40-pound shortraker fish, after minding its business for the past two centuries, was recently caught 10 miles off the coast of Alaska by a Seattle fisherman. But just looking at this thing… Continue reading

How to grow a human heart in three (relatively) easy steps

The day is fast approaching when scientists will finally be able to reconstruct a person’s heart from a clump of cells and a simple scaffold. We’re not there yet, but this video will… Continue reading

‘Brainwashed’ Examines the Value of Brain Scans

In the new book Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience, co-authors Sally Satel and Scott Lilienfeld examine the science behind some recent brain imaging research. Satel joins host Ira Flatow and other guests for… Continue reading

With Rising Temperatures, Infrastructure Falters

As the western U.S. continues to bake in 100-plus degree heat, the high temperatures are making pavement buckle and power lines droop. Vicki Arroyo of the Georgetown Climate Center talks about heat’s effects… Continue reading

Building a Liver From Stem Cells

Reporting in the journal Nature, researchers say they have created a functional liver using induced pluripotent stem cells. The team of scientists first created “liver buds” and transplanted those into mice, where the buds… Continue reading

Improving 3-D Printing by Copying Nature

Biomimicry could make the technology safer and better. The public imagination has been captured by 3-D printing in recent months, as people have used it to conjure up custom medical devices, a working handgun, and… Continue reading

Future Gadget Idea : Apple Black Hole, the holographic phone for the year 2020

  The pace with which technology is progressing in modern era, we can’t even visualize the form and functioning of the gadgets in the days to come. Now we don’t have any other option than… Continue reading

Scientists Stunned By Radio Waves From Young Universe

Scientists have detected mysterious bursts of radio waves that last only for a tenth of a blink of an eye, originating billions of light years away. A single burst of radio emission of unknown origin was detected… Continue reading